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    About Us

    Hello, I'm John Casses! I created this site out of my love of Polish Pottery. I have always loved art of all styles and discovered Polish Pottery about five years ago. I started a personal collection, which has since grown and grown. Family and friends are always asking me where I get my pottery, how it was made and where it was from. The more I explain it, the more they - and I -- enjoy it.

    The fact that Polish Pottery is actually "usable art" has increased my love for it. I appreciate that one can have a beautiful serving bowl as the center piece on their table; or can have mugs, plates and bowls for everyday use.

    I have studied the artists and craftsmen who make this pottery. They are exceptionally talented in what they do. Each piece is hand-made and hand painted, giving each its own unique touch and making no two pieces exactly alike.

    I have decided to offer only the finest Polish Pottery available and that is designed and created at the Ceramika Artystyczna factory of Boleslaviec, Poland. All products are factory certified first-quality, individually checked at the factory and again after we receive it in the United States. My goal is to offer you the best Polish Pottery at the best price possible.

    On this website, you will find several thousands of pieces of Ceramika Artystyczna in both Traditional and Unikat designs. It is the largest and most diverse collection of Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery to be found anywhere on the internet.

    I hope you enjoy your pottery as much as I do. I look forward to sending it your way!